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Date: Thursday, June 20th 12pm-1pm
Location: Rosehill Community Center
Topic: Big Apples, Big Business: How Washington Became the Apple State
Speaker: Amanda Van Lanen


Why do so many apples in the grocery store look the same? And why do so many come from Washington?

In this talk, explore how Washington became the top apple producing state in the country, and how, in the process, it transformed apples into an industrialized commodity. Many regions in the West attempted to grow apples, but in Washington, big apples became big business thanks to the work of scientists, investors, irrigators, railroad corporations, marketers, and apple growers. How does the history of Washington apples reflect larger changes happening in the American food system—changes that continue to affect our environment and the way we eat today? 

No Lectures in July and August. Check back for more details on our fall lectures closer to the date.

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Now partnering with City of Mukilteo and Rosehill Community Center to bring some programs here to Mukilteo!  Additional programs are offered at various locations throughout the Puget Sound area. 

Mukilteo – Rosehill Community Center 
304 Lincoln Avenue, Mukilteo, WA 98275

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