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Experimenting with Art Practice   

With this hands-on class we will together experiment with processes art practice can incorporate - from non-traditional materials, to collage and photomontage. I will be doing demos each week and/or presentations, then we will work on a different project each session together.

There are absolutely no pre-requirements, and anyone can join. All one needs is willingness to have fun and let go of preconceived expectations regarding art-making.


This class does not have a set supply list. Items below are basic suggestions, and you can use/bring whatever appeals to you most.
a. drawing surface - newsprint paper or drawing paper work - Bristol, watercolor paper, mixed media will all work
b. drawing supplies - pencil or graphite, charcoal, marker or ink pen - all can come handy and useful
c. watercolors or color markers, color pencils will also work fine in helping flush out color scheme ideas
d. ink can be a great tool to get started - India, Sumi or simply ink pen
e. old magazines


Experimenting with Art Practice

Instructor: Miha Sarani
Dates: 2/8/2022 - 3/1/2022
Times: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Days: Tu
Sessions: 4
Location: Zoom Online
Fee: $50.00

For help with registration and memberships:  Email or call (206) 543-2310.
For general questions about courses and locations: Email or call (206) 685-6549. 

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Now partnering with City of Mukilteo and Rosehill Community Center to bring some programs here to Mukilteo!  Additional programs are offered at various locations throughout the Puget Sound area. 

Mukilteo – Rosehill Community Center 
304 Lincoln Avenue, Mukilteo, WA 98275

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